Post date : 2017-03-25

Juche106(2017) / 3 / 25 /

For Creating a New Farming Method to Counterwork the Abnormal Weather Conditions


One day in January 1975, President Kim Il Sung visited the Academy of Agricultural Science in the face of the biting cold of midwinter. He walked into the national agricultural science exhibition house. It had over ten halls like the halls of soil, kinds of rice, and maize cultivation, where hundreds of species of agricultural crops and data on scientific research achievements were on display. After listening to an agricultural scientist’s explanation about the data on the analysis of the crop fields, the President said that the academy should intensify its research work to overcome the abnormal weather conditions before everything, and that cold-bed rice seedlings and humus-cake maize cultivation should be introduced in full measure.

When he heard that a new method of cultivating rice seedlings was developed by applying microelement fertilizers to rice-seedling beds, he said that it might be good to raise rice seedlings by using microelement fertilizers, but that it could not keep the normal temperature in rice-seedling beds. He explained that humus soil would help to warm up the earth of the fields and so when it was put into the cold beds for rice seedlings and the humus cakes for maize seedlings, it would be possible to cultivate healthy seedlings of rice and maize even in chilly weather of spring, and that humus soil should be produced to make the rice and maize seedlings grow fast so as to protect the crops from the harmful effects of the cold front.

That day he gave instructions in detail to raise high-yielding and fast-growing varieties of crops that could be proof against wind and rain in view of the country’s conditions that spring comes late and autumn comes earlier under the influence of the abnormal climate.

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