Post date : 2023-03-29

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Noble View on People Associated with Draft Constitution


Recorded in the history of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are many stories about the noble view of President Kim Il Sung on the people.

One Day in September Juche 37 (1948), a consultation on the draft DPRK constitution took place at the assembly room of the People's Committee of North Korea in the presence of the President. The consultation was made in the method of informing the participants of the articles of the draft constitution one by one and exchanging opinions on them with each other.

When an issue related to the cultural life was discussed, a deputy advanced an opinion that an article on breaking outdated life conventions should be added to the draft constitution.

Hearing this opinion, the President said that it is not so easy to do away with the conventions, old habits long established in the course of life, and such outdated customs should be set right through people's self-awakening, not by means of such government power as law or order. And he stressed that the Korean nation is a wise people with long history and brilliant culture and they would realise the disadvantage of the outdated conventions in the course of building a new, democratic Korea and break them even without any legal sanctions and create an advanced and cultured new life.

Like this, President Kim Il Sung regarded the people as the most valuable being in the world and loved them very much and each article of the draft DPRK constitution was associated with his noble view on the people.


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