Post date : 2023-03-17

Juche112(2023) / 3 / 17 /


Hamhung Youth Electric Appliances Plant​


The Hamhung Youth Electric Appliances Plant in the DPRK marked its 70th founding anniversary.

The plant, founded on March 10, Juche 42 (1953), has developed into a reliable electric appliances producer of the country, significantly contributing to ensuring the independence and modernization of electric appliances production.

President Kim Il Sung founded the plant in the flames of the Fatherland Liberation War and clearly indicated the orientation and ways for its development.

While visiting the plant twice, Chairman Kim Jong Il guided it to turn out various kinds of quality electric appliances by expanding its production capacity and putting its equipment on a modern basis and contribute to putting the national economy on a Juche, modern and scientific basis.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un led its workers, technicians and officials to defend and glorify the leadership exploits of the great leaders associated with the plant by making steady innovations in production.

Workers, technicians and officials of the plant have actively pushed ahead with the modernization of machines and units associated with the traces of the peerlessly great men and supplied electric appliances necessary for major construction projects, over-fulfilling the national economic plan every year.

In those days, the plant won Order of National Flag First Class and many officials and employees of it high state commendations.


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