Post date : 2023-01-25

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Warm Affection for Pilots


In January Juche 101 (2012) respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected an air force unit. Seeing their Supreme Commander, the service personnel raised loud cheers.

After posing for a photo with them, he saw the pilots’ flighting training. He praised them for their bravery, saying that they were very good at steering the aircraft, particularly landing and taking off. He underscored the need for them to cherish the lofty spirit of hero Kil Yong Jo.

He continued to specify what needed to be done to prepare them as combatants who would defy death to defend the Party and the leader, the country and the people.

At the mess hall he saw various foodstuffs on a sideboard and asked what the pilots liked most, how fish was supplied to the unit and if it was provided with butter on a regular basis.

Looking closely at what were laid on the worktop, he said that the pilots should be well fed because of their mental and physical stress and emphasized that nothing should be spared for them.

He went out of the mess hall and moved towards his car. Pointing at a big fish in the car, he told the officers that it was for the pilots.

Weighing nearly 60kg, the rare fish was Aristichythsnobilis.

It usually takes about three years for a fish of this species to weigh three or four kilograms. The officers were told that the people had presented it to Kim Jong Un as he had been making tireless efforts to build a powerful country.

He taught the officers and cooks how to prepare and cook the fish.

Before his departure he said to the officers including company commander and political instructor: You should take care of your soldiers with the feeling of being their eldest brothers and sisters and as their revolutionary comrades-in-arms. I entrust them to you.


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