Post date : 2021-09-25

Juche110(2021) / 9 / 25 /


Benevolent Special Measure and Young Delegate


There took place celebrations with the attendance of 20 000 young delegates in June, Juche 101 (2012) in Pyongyang on the occasion of the 66th founding anniversary of the Korean Children's Union (KCU), thanks to the loving care of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

At that time, the General Secretary received a report about a schoolboy who came alone from North Phyongan Province, hundreds kilometers away from Pyongyang, with a desire to participate in the celebrations, and took a special measure to recommend him as the 20 001st delegate to the celebrations.

A few years ago, the boy, whose name is Kim Phyong San, moved to Pyongyang along with his father who was discharged from military service.

In his house, there are a photo that the General Secretary had taken with the delegates to the celebrations for the 66th founding anniversary of the KCU, and a certificate of delegate.

Still now, his parents recollect with deep emotion the loving care shown by the General Secretary, and used to show his son's certificate of joining the Korean People's Army and the photo.

They said that their son, since he returned from celebrations, had made sincere loyalty to sprucing up the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun into the sacred temple of Juche and set an example in study and organizational life.

Last year, Kim Phyong San joined the Korean People's Army after graduating a senior middle school.

As he regarded it as an expression of the greatest patriotism to dedicate the prime of life to defending the country, he became a soldier to safeguard the country with arms.

The growth of the 20 001st KCU delegate shows well the true character of our reliable young people following the road of living up to the expectation of the General Secretary.


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