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DPRK's History of Self-reliance (26)


In the new century, the DPRK people were faced with the task of accomplishing the cause of building a socialist power in the great spirit of Kim Il Sung's nation.

At that time, the employees of the Ranam Coal-mining Machine Complex performed an unprecedented miracle in the production of mining equipment. Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the complex in November Juche 90 (2001) and set their working spirit as a model to be followed by all the people of the country. And he made a historic call stressing that all the people should more vigorously speed up the advance of creation and change, holding high the Ranam torch.

The machinery and equipment produced by the complex were aggregates of latest science and technology that could be made by only a few developed countries.

The Chairman visited the complex several times to bestow love and trust on its workers and technicians over and again. The love and trust shown by him were the motive of innovation and rapid progress.

The employees of the complex worked a startling miracle of producing the whole quantity of main equipment and custom-built equipment in one year, overcoming all difficulties and displaying the spirit of self-reliance and fortitude.

Since then, its employees had discharged their duty as the vanguard unit that kindled the torch of Ranam and carried out without fail the tasks given by the Chairman, including the production of CNC equipment. And they turned out in a short period various winches for water intake structure to be used for the construction of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station.

They also put the production processes on a modern basis by their own efforts and technology.

Amid the flames of the Ranam torch, the first torch kindled in the new century, the construction of the Thaechon Power Station was completed in North Phyongan Province and the Kumjingang Hungbong Youth Power Station was built in South Hamgyong Province.


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