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Koryo Songgyungwan University with Long History


Koryo Songgyungwan University with a long history is in Kaesong City, the DPRK.

The university is the successor of Songgyungwan, the highest educational institution in the periods of Koryo Kingdom (918-1392) and the Feudal Joson Dynasty (1392-1910).

According to historical records, the highest educational institution called Kukjagam was built in 992, the Koryo period. Later, it was reorganized as Songgyungwan and had existed till the end of the Feudal Joson Dynasty.

Songgyungwan gave lessons on jurisprudence, mathematics, handwriting and other professional knowledge.

Historical documents say that at this institution, many students studied and passed the state examinations to become famous generals and scholars.

President Kim Il Sung visited it in May Juche 81 (1992), saying that it is of national value. He gave an instruction on using the buildings of Songgyungwan as university buildings and named it Koryo Songgyungwan University. And he personally wrote letters for the name board of the university. He also saw to it that 992, the founding year of Kukjagam, was set as the founding year of the university and September 1 as its birthday.

Later, a new school building was constructed at the university under the support of the state.

Today, Koryo Songgyungwan University has several faculties with many professional school courses. There are also laboratories, practice rooms and a practice work-shop.

The university is training technicians to be in charge of light industry.


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