Post date : 2020-05-20

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President Kim Il Sung and Rice-transplanting Machine


The countryside of the DPRK is now at the height of rice-transplantation, and you can see rice-transplanting machines in operation wherever you go in the countryside.

The birth of such rice-transplanting machines in the country was associated with the devoted efforts of President Kim Il Sung who worked heart and soul to release the peasants from difficult and hard labor.

The President had long guided the work to apply machines to the farming.

In May Juche 58 (1969), he examined the trial operation of newly-made rice-transplanting machine and pointed out its shortcomings and a solution to them in detail. Recommending that rice-transplanting machine run by its own motor should be manufactured, he made a phone call even at midnight to learn about the development of such machine.

Thanks to his energetic guidance, new rice-transplanting machine was designed and completed to suit the country's specific conditions in size, weight, structure and equipment.

The President again saw the trial operation of the rice-transplanting machine at an experimental plot of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences on May 17, 1973 and expressed his great satisfaction.

In May next year, he visited a cooperative farm in Pyongyang City to see rice-transplanting machines made by different units. And he said that the weeding of rice paddies should be done with rice-transplanting machines in the future, indicating the detailed way for its realization.

As seen above, the rice-transplanting machine came into being under the deep care and meticulous guidance of the President who loved the people very much.



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