Post date : 2020-05-09

Juche109(2020) / 5 / 9 /


Bringing Long–cherished Plans into Reality


One October day in Juche 105 (2016), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited a factory in the capital city of Pyongyang.

He went round the newly-established production lines of zippers and melamine plastic goods to learn in detail about production.

At the zip fastener workshop, he paid close attention to the quality of products, asking about the colouring of zippers and carefully looking at the coloured ones.

At the melamine plastic vessel workshop he was greatly satisfied to see the products on display, which are good-looking and convenient to use.

That day, he said he felt very pleasant as he has carried out one of his long-cherished plans for the sake of the people, now that another base for producing consumer goods with modern production lines of zippers and melamine plastic goods has been built.

Several days later, he visited the newly-built Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital. The hospital makes him pleasant and it is a people’s hospital of which the DPRK can boast, he noted. He then said with pleasure that he has done what he had desired to do for the people and that another of his strong wishes for them has come true.


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