Post date : 2017-07-23

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Resolute Decision, Instant Counteroffensive


On June 25, 1950 it was drizzling from dawn. Supreme Commander Kim Il Sung got up early and was reading a document, when the phone rang, breaking the stillness of the morning. The Supreme Commander lifted the receiver, from which an anxious voice came saying that the enemy launched a massive cannonade all along the 38th parallel and at the same time started an offensive.

The enemy has unleashed a war at last...” the Supreme Commander said in a low voice, with a serious look. He instantly called an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

A touch-and-go atmosphere pervaded the place of the meeting. Then the silence was broken by a resonant voice.

“…The enemy is utterly absurd. The Yankees have mistaken us Koreans,Kim Il Sung said, entering the place. The tense atmosphere vanished instantly.

At the meeting he delivered a historic speech Let Us Wipe out the Invaders by a Decisive Counteroffensive. He said that the country and people now faced a great danger and that the Korean people found themselves in the midst of serious crisis whose outcome would decide whether they would become colonial slaves of imperialism again, or remain free people belonging to an independent and sovereign state. And he stressed that they should resolutely fight the enemy in order to safeguard the independence of the motherland and the freedom and honor of the nation. Looking up at the Supreme Commander, the participants in the meeting, who had been so apprehensive, now felt refreshed with confidence, the fighting spirit of annihilating the enemy rising up in them.

In accordance with the Supreme Commander’s resolute decision the country returned an immediate counteroffensive for the enemy’s sudden invasion.  

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