Post date : 2017-06-26

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Cradle of Orphans

One of important topics recently is that the Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans was newly built. We decided to show the orphans’ life there.

An Ordinary Day

When the sun rises, waking up music is played in the whole dormitory. The rooms which were in silence now get animated. Doors open here and there, and the orphans rush out into the playground competitively wearing smiles on their faces. That’s the first course of their day.

They do exercises pleasantly to the tune of merry music, and then clean and tidy up—one takes a mop, another holds a dust cloth and yet another makes the bed. Everything touched by the small hands get clean and tidy. The faces are permeated with happiness.

Their appearances in school uniform look perfect. When they step into the dining hall, they are welcomed by various kinds of foods prepared sincerely by cooks. And when they enter smart class-rooms equipped with multi-functional IT facilities, they are welcomed by their teachers.

They attend lessons in the morning—they have a snack of bread and milk in the intervals. After lunch they have a sweet nap. In the afternoon they are under the care of extracurricular instructors. They spend a good time dancing, singing, reading interesting books and doing sports activities as they want—they are oblivious of the passage of time.

After dinner they relax, watching TV or having a recreation party in their cozy bedrooms.

The headmaster of the school says, “Our respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un proposed to build the school. When it was constructed he was the first to visit it. He earnestly asked the managers, teachers and other staff members of the school to take good care of the orphans as he wished. He said we should bring them up as straightforward, spirited and cheerful persons without slightest sadness or worry as the orphans have nobody else than the Party to rely on. The life in our school is associated with the great love and care of our Supreme Leader who spares on expense for the good of children”.

Changing Dream Day after Day

The dream written by Kim Jin Song in his diary is surprising. He is a pupil of Class 2-1. The Supreme Leader inspected the class at a mother tongue lesson. His diary reads: When he looks out of the window and sees a bird sitting on a branch of a tree, he falls into a dream of becoming a pilot. When he participates in a recreational party he dreams to be a famous singer enjoying applause from the audience. When he plays football in the artificial grass-laid football field he is filled with a hope to become a world-famous football star and have the national flag hoisted high. Sometimes he feels like becoming a scientist who can make anything at any moment or an architect who can build palaces as smart as their school across the country. He has a lot of other dreams and hopes.

What is more interesting is that dreams written by other pupils in their diary books are as many as his. Dreams of children can be a major index that show the extent of their happy life. Because children who grow happily without any worry think they can manage to achieve everything they wish.

Biggest Pride

Children have many things to boast of. It is the same with the orphans at this school. A boy says he was the first to finish a composition in a mother tongue lesson, when another says that he made a model tank by himself in an hour of extracurricular activity. Once they begin boasting vyingly, their competition becomes heated for a bigger pride.

The climax of the competition comes when someone says, “I presented a bouquet to our fatherly leader Kim Jong Un when he was at my orphanage,” and another says, “When our fatherly leader visited our primary school, he was delighted that I was taller”.

Similar stories of pride follow. One boy says the fatherly leader stroked his face; a girl boasts that the leader was pleased to see her doing rope-skipping well; and a child says that the leader saw a Mindulle-brand notebook he had written in. The happy stories of the children who enjoy the love of the leader are always interesting.


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