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June 19 and WPK

June 19 is an anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). It is a revolutionary holiday of the WPK along with October 10, the founding anniversary of the WPK.

It was unusually fine on June 20, 1964. Having stayed up all night of his first day at his office, Kim Jong Il took a stroll in a garden together with some officials early in the morning. After a while he stopped walking and looked up at the red Party flag flying over the building of the Party Central Committee.

After giving a long glance at the flag, he said that the history of the Party flag started when President Kim Il Sung had organized the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU) and held up a red flag of revolution, and that now it was the turn of the younger generation to hold it up. Then he continued that they should fight more staunchly to accomplish the cause of the President upholding the red flag of revolution whatever difficulties and trials they might face on the road of revolution.

Like this, he adopted it as his lifelong mission to accomplish the revolutionary cause of the President and wisely led the work to strengthen the Party organizationally and ideologically. He developed the WPK into a powerful body that is ideologically pure and organizationally integrated, an organization that is faithful to the leader’s ideology and leadership and determined to maintain the leader’s ideology and leadership generation after generation.

In his early days of leading the Party building, Kim Jong Il maintained it as its main task to establish a monolithic ideological system. He published immortal classic works such as The Workers' Party of Korea Is a Juche-Type Revolutionary Party Which Inherited the Glorious Tradition of the DIU, On the Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building and The Workers' Party of Korea Is the Party of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and provided a guideline for strengthening and developing the WPK into an eternal glorious Party of Kim Il Sung.

Thanks to his wise leadership the WPK has carried forward the President’s idea and cause without an inch of deviation while maintaining the original revolutionary character for over 70 years since its foundation.

Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into an invincible party with a sound mass basis and solid military support. Under his guidance the Party developed into a motherly party with roots deep among the masses, with the result that the Party and the people together formed a harmonious whole united for a purpose and in kinship. Under the slogan “We Serve the People!” the WPK is responsibly looking after the people’s political integrity and their material and cultural life, while the people put absolute trust in the Party and cast their lot entirely with it.

The Chairman also trained the People’s Army into a revolutionary armed force that firmly safeguards the Party with arms, and thus consolidated the military foundation of the Party. Proceeding from the fundamentals of the Songun revolution that the revolution is pioneered, advanced and completed by force of arms, he properly combined politics with military affairs and acquired the Party’s absolute control of the revolutionary armed forces. Therefore, the People’s Army has strengthened and developed into forces which are strong in ideology and faith and loyal to the Party’s leadership, an invincible revolutionary army.

In addition, the Chairman strengthened and developed the WPK into the general staff that leads the revolution and construction in the Juche-based mode of leadership. He led the revolution and construction regarding it as iron rule of party building and activities to resolve all problems arising in the revolution and construction by firmly trusting the people, the driving force of the revolution, and relying on them.

Whenever he had to decide on the path ahead during his leadership of the revolution, he went to consult the people first and listened to them carefully to get an unfathomable strength in their true hearts. Thanks to his continuous field guidance to the people all his life, the revolutionary soldier spirit and the Kanggye spirit were created and the torch of Songgang was kindled, and the industrial revolution in the new century was vigorously accelerated, resulting in amazing things achieved in quick succession.

Leading the WPK decade after decade, Kim Jong Il trained the Korean people as an independent people and a powerful driving force of revolution. He put it forward as the most important task in Party work to awaken and organize the popular masses and unite them firmly around the Party, and directed a primary effort to it.

Under his wise leadership the WPK armed the popular masses with the Juche idea and the Songun idea and united them firmly around the Party ideologically, volitionally and organizationally, and effected the great army-people unity by setting up the People’s Army as the main force of the revolution and strengthening its role of pacesetter.

By administering politics of attaching importance to young people, Kim Jong Il trained the young people as reliable reserves, point men and wing of the WPK.

In the course of overcoming severe trials in the revolution under the guidance of their leader, the Korean people prepared themselves as the powerful motive force of the revolution and developed into the Party’s faithful supporter, adviser and assistant.

The Chairman also consolidated the country’s defense capabilities impregnably under the banner of Songun, and thus provided solid military foundations. He gave precedence to military affairs ahead of all others in state administration in keeping with the requirements of the Songun era, and pushed ahead with the revolution and construction on the strict principle of giving priority to military affairs.

The Chairman’s achievements in building a Juche-oriented party are now creditably cherished and promoted by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The Supreme Leader makes sure that Kim Jong Il is held in the highest esteem as eternal leader of the WPK and that the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is held fast to as eternal guiding ideology of the WPK so as to develop the Party into a Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist party true to the name.

As the Korean people have Kim Jong Un as their Supreme Leader, all dreams and ideals of the people are being realized one after another on this land as Kim Jong Il wished, and the new spirit befitting the Mallima era is sweeping the whole  country.

Today the WPK, under the great banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, is making an all-out dash to reach the new milestone the Seventh Congress of the WPK set to carry out the cause f the Juche revolution.

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