Post date : 2023-03-12

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Songchon Chestnut, Specialty of DPRK​


Songchon chestnut growing in Songchon area of South Phyongan Province, the DPRK, has been well known from olden times, even to other countries.

This chestnut is called Songchon Yakbam. Its fruit is small in size and peculiar in taste and aroma. It contains lots of nutritive substances good to human health such as protein and lipid, carbohydrate.

Songchon chestnut can be used in making such various kinds of dishes as sweet rice dish.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un stressed the need to take a step for conserving and propagating Songchon chestnut and other famous varieties.

In the country, project is going on to turn all the mountains into "mountains of gold" by planting many useful trees like Songchon chestnut.



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