Post date : 2022-11-19

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Brass Spoons and Chopsticks


From ancient times, the Koreans used spoons and chopsticks as the main eating utensils in their dietary life.

They used spoon to eat boiled rice or soup, and chopsticks for side dishes or rice cake, pancake and others.

They were made of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, porcelain and other materials. In particular, brass spoons and chopsticks were widely used.

The Koreans used brass spoons and chopsticks as the main mess kit since the period of Koryo dynasty (918-1392).

Some of brass spoons were embedded silver or copper pieces, which were effective to detect poison in foods.

Brass chopsticks were about 30cm long, and their handles were square and the tips were round and coated with silver to the height of about 2.5cm.


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