Post date : 2022-10-16

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Ryonggang Spa Water Health Complex​


Ryonggang Hot Spring good for health and treatment is in the township of Onchon County in Nampho City of the DPRK.

This chloride spring is the highest in total content of mineral matter among the hot springs and mineral waters in the country.

The Ryonggang Spa Water Health Complex treats hypertension, women's diseases, arthritis, skin diseases, etc. with this spring.

Yesongsan Spring Water, a specialty of the complex, is sweet and efficacious for digestive diseases and health promotion as it comes from Mt Sindok. It is very popular among visitors to the complex.

The spa bathhouse newly arranged at the complex gives pleasure to the visitors for its peculiar treatment service and high effect.

This year alone, war veterans and many working people, including labor innovators in Nampho City, enjoyed the service at the complex.


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