Post date : 2022-08-03

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Ichon Hero Gingko Tree, Living Monument​


In the DPRK there are many living monuments under the state protection.

Among them is Ichon hero gingko tree in the township of Ichon County, Kangwon Province.

This old gingko tree was originally very big one with many branches.

During the fierce Fatherland Liberation War, transport vehicles of the Korean People's Army (KPA) used to evade the enemy's air attacks under the tree. One day in August Juche 41 (1952), an enemy plane discovered a KPA transport vehicle under the tree and pounced on it recklessly, but it nosedived by being caught by a strong branch of the tree.

Since then, the tree has been called hero gingko tree and preserved under the nature conservation policy of the country.


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