Post date : 2021-08-26

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Jonggwang Temple Showing Superiority of Korean Architecture


In Riwon County, South Hamgyong Province, the DPRK, there is the Jonggwang Temple showing the advantageous architecture and artistic talents of the Korean ancestors.

It was built in the mid-7th century and rebuilt in 1814.

Originally, there were more than 10 buildings, but most of them were destroyed by the Japanese imperialists. Only a few buildings including the Taeung Hall and Myongbu Shrine remain.

The Taeung Hall is the main building of the temple. The hall with hip-saddle roof and double eaves is very excellent in decorative carving.

Colorful and seasoned carving shows the outstanding sculpture of the ancestors in those days.

The hip-saddle roof is in good harmony with green forest. It shows well the national emotion and the superiority of the Korean architecture.

The Myongbu Shrine with gable roof and double eaves was splendidly colored.

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the temple in August Juche 96 (2007), regardless of the sultry weather of the hottest period, and gave precious teachings arising in preserving the red-and-blue paintings of the buildings and historical relics in their origin.


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