Post date : 2021-08-15

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Red-and-Blue Painting, Cultural Heritage of Korean Nation


Red-and-blue painting is a precious cultural heritage of the Korean nation.

In the DPRK, there are lots of historical relics coated with beautiful drawing patterns of various colors.

In order to preserve buildings for a long time, Korean ancestors applied the processed wood rosin to pillars and beams. Later, they mixed this paint with various colors to enhance the decoration effect of a building. Such method was developed into red-and-blue painting.

Red-and-blue painting now plays an important role in preserving well the historical buildings associated with wisdom and talents of the Korean nation.

In recent years, researchers of the Korean Agency for National Heritage Conservation intensified the research for preserving red-and-blue painting to make red, blue, green and other nine standard colors based on inorganic pigments abundant in the country.

They applied the newly developed pigments to the Sungin Hall in Pyongyang and the Taeung Hall of Kwanum Temple in Kaesong to confirm their invariability and effectiveness for some years. The result showed that those pigments stand well the light, heat, humidity and chill.

The completion of the making method of red-and-blue painting makes it possible to preserve well the historical relics in different parts of the country.


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