Post date : 2021-07-17

Juche110(2021) / 7 / 17 /


Korean Nation's Traditional Foods for Summer


With the beginning of the hottest period in summer, the interest in health foods is growing higher among the people of the DPRK.

The Korean people's traditional foods for summer are mainly hot health foods that are good for protecting the human body from hot weather. They include chicken soup boiled with insam, peppery beef soup, rice and red-bean porridge, fish porridge and broiled eel.

Those foods are based on the principle of Koryo medical treatment and sitology.

Chicken soup boiled with Koryo insam, glutinous rice, garlic, etc. is good for restoration of energy. Rice and red-bean porridge is good for preventing various diseases and recovering impoverished health, whereas fish porridge is effective for recuperating strength and appetite. Fish porridge is regarded as one of Pyongyang's special foods for its good taste.

Choe Yon Ok, a Pyongyang citizen, told KCNA: On July 11, the first day of this year's hottest period of summer, I cooked chicken soup boiled with insam for my family. Next time, I will prepare more delicious traditional foods to delight my family members.


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