Post date : 2021-05-17

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Pheasant Meat Dishes Popular among Korean People


Pheasant meat has rich nutritive and medical substances.

From olden times, the Korean people have prepared broth, meatball, roasted meat and other foods with it.

Rice-cake soup, one of the Korean nation's traditional New Year festive dishes, is cooked with pheasant meat. There is a saying that pheasant meat is the most suitable for rice-cake soup.

Pheasant broth is regarded as one of the best health foods as it has medical effect higher than other dishes made with pheasant meat.

Noodle with pheasant meat shreds is favored by the people. Public catering establishments often organize shows to raise the quality of this noodle.

Dumplings stuffed with pheasant meat and roasted pheasant meat, too, enjoy popularity among the people for their delicate taste and nutritive value.


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