Post date : 2021-04-02

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Famous Picture Showing Korean Folk Art


Among the national cultural heritages in the DPRK there is a Korean painting "Dance" showing the folk art.

This picture was drawn by Kim Hong Do, a typical painter active in the period of the Feudal Joson Dynasty (1392-1910).

The picture represents the figures of a dancer and six musicians absorbed in performance.

Attractive and distinguished figures of the dancer displaying traditional manners of dancing and the musicians playing small flute, flute covered with bark of peach, fife, Haegum, Janggu and drum arouse excitement among viewers. The concert of six musical instruments was one of Korea's typical instrumental ensemble forms in the Middle Ages.

The picture showing the characteristics of Korean painting is carried in "Illustrated Book on Historical Sites and Relics of Korea", a visual book on historical science in the country.


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