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Self-reliance Is National Trait of Juche Korea


The whole country wages a more dynamic self-reliance campaign.

Self-reliance peculiar to Juche Korea has served as the banner of struggle and advance and the motive power of rapid progress throughout the course of the Korean revolution.

The anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters, holding aloft the banner of national independence in reliance on one's own power, made weapons and bombs from scratch and procured things in short supply by themselves in harsh situation with neither state support nor regular army, and smashed the Japanese imperialists and accomplished the historic cause of liberating Korea.

The revolutionary tradition of self-reliance displayed year after year in building a thriving country has created heroic epics on this land.

After the liberation of the country our people built a new democratic country with their own efforts and created the myth of war victory by crushing the aggressors hell-bent on depriving the country of its sovereignty and right to existence.

During the postwar reconstruction, they performed a miracle of realizing the industrialization of the country in a brief period of 14 years though it took centuries in other countries.

Self-reliance in the era of the Workers' Party ushered in a great heyday amid the marching bugle of the speed campaign.

They won victory after victory in the struggle for defending socialism during the Arduous March and the forced march and provided a solid springboard for building a powerful country.

The spirit of self-reliance has been more fully displayed in the great advance in the new century of Juche.

By carrying out the offensive in the spirit of self-reliance, our people built up their own strength and erected grand monumental edifices in different parts of the country.

Our country is the one that advances and makes a leap forward in the spirit of self-reliance and self-development with them as motive power.


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